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Women and Child Development

We believe every woman should have an equal opportunity to earn and upgrade their lifestyles. Our program aims at supporting and empowering women to make them independent.

At deshraag, we create a safe place for women to learn and thrive in all spheres of life. As it is rightly said, "To educate girls is to reduce poverty," as we are in substantial agreement with this, We emphasize providing girls with required academic support and providing them with digital education to excel academically and professionally. We believe that information technology is the need of today. Still, many women lack the required knowledge of it due to financial reasons; thus, we have created digital labs to learn the necessary digital skills.

We also provide women with professional skills training such as basket-making skills, cake decorating, vocational training, soft skills training, etc. After finishing their training, they can find employment or start a small and upgrade their life quality.

We also believe that children are the future of our country, so we are also working in child education and malnutrition awareness. Education is the key to success, and if you educate a child, you help the child achieve his/her goals and contribute to uplift the entire community. Unfortunately, some children lack sufficient resources. The Child Education program at deshraag foundation focuses on providing these children with required resources such as tutoring support via evening classes to excel in their academics and digital resources in the form of digital labs and training programs to become comfortable with technology and understand their curriculum better.

The skill training courses depend on the market demands and the geographical location of the individual. This program is specifically designed for the youth to gain the required skills and find employment in India and abroad. The candidates are also encouraged to become self-employed and generate jobs for others too. We also act as facilitators to benefit from government schemes such as mudra loans and start as entrepreneurs by educating them about the available schemes.

The conditions have become worse due to the covid-19 pandemic. Although schools are advised to conduct classes digitally, they lack the resources to do so. It becomes challenging for students to cope with the curriculum in our program. We help these students in achieving their academic goals.Every child deserves to have nutritious meals, but unfortunately, not every child gets them. Although there can be multiple reasons behind these malnourished children, such as socioeconomic status, demographic, religious beliefs, gender differences, or lack of awareness yet, we cannot overlook that malnutrition can lead to multiple problems such as cardiac problems, kidney problems, eye problems, cognitive defects, and even cancer.

Malnutrition leads to many health problems and even infant mortality. Therefore, we believe that it is imperative to deal with malnutrition. To solve the problem of malnutrition, we are providing people with healthcare supplements. We also organize camps to provide people with health packages and educate them about nutrition to have the required awareness to fight malnutrition.

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