• testimonial
    Dr. Gursharan Madaan
    Principal, Madaan Public School

    Deshraag with a mission to bring considerable changes in the lives of people have been selflessly dedicating its expertise in bringing Ray of Joy and Hope in the lives of many since its inception. Their faith in service , kindness and offerings in the benefit of humanity stand tall in front of exhausted and poverty stricken people. Each effort of theirs turns to be a smile for many who are associated. The peace and satisfaction becomes the strength to further give back to the society; such has been the ventures and associations of Deshraag.

  • testimonial
    Mr.Brijesh Pathak
    Director, Brij Buidcon

    Deshraag is serving humanity to the truest possible by offering selfless service even during pandemic. It is heartouching to witness elderlies benefitting from efforts made by volunteers under Deshraag an organization established to stand by and for the ones in need. Be it children , adults or elders the volunteers have unconditionally rendered their time and devotion to extend the help needed

  • testimonial
    Mrs. Parul Pathak
    Web Developer

    How many of us ever spared some time to even ponder that the household support , labourers , daily wagers or may be college going first generation learners still do not connect to the world digitally. Doesn't it come as a surprise and an awkward encounter with the truth that more than 50 percent of the population is still uneducated about digital literacy.

    Work done in fractions of seconds is still standing in long ques for them, filling forms is still a stigma, operating a bank account still like reaching to the moon. I was encountered to all of this when I stepped In myself to see and meet many at Deshraag who come to learn basics of digital world.

    They were in numbers beyond imagination, unaware of their life being given an education to make livelihood possible. Commendable was my first word to the Deshraag team who put in efforts to think for those who themselves stay unaware. Free computer classes open a ray of hope for them to be smarter in the world already reaching Mars.

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