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Road Safety Awareness

Road safety is an important issue that affects everyone because we must walk or travel by road every day for one reason or another. Therefore, the concern for road safety has become vital today.

Deshraag is working diligently to create road awareness among the masses. We have organized numerous awareness programs and campaigns to educate people about traffic and road safety rules and regulations, the impact of traffic violation rules on society, and other road safety information.

We believe that road safety awareness campaigns are becoming increasingly important in light of the increasing number of accidents and mishaps. It is the moral responsibility of all citizens of the country to follow traffic and road safety rules and to avoid fast and furious driving on the road, which has taken many lives prematurely. Ignorance of traffic rules is not an intelligent act, as many unfortunate lives have been and continue to be victims of it.

We at Deshraag proactively provide training for road safety education and awareness. We are spreading the message of road safety and traffic awareness amidst the significant population fragment. We realize the need for sensitizing youngsters and older ones on road safety guidelines.

Our team members have also emphasized the importance of traffic lights and how obeying traffic lights can become a medium of protection and safety through which accidents would get prohibited or at least cases would get reduced.

We also actively engage with various communities to identify and propose effective and efficient solutions to their road safety challenges.

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