Deshraag Foundation

Combating Cyber and Financial Frauds through Education

Cyber fraud is the most prevalent type, so people and businesses must be on the lookout for scammers and safeguard their information. Financial fraud occurs when someone uses dishonest, dishonest, or other illegal methods to deprive you of your money or to hurt your financial situation. This can be accomplished through various techniques, including investment fraud or identity theft.

Through education, Deshraag seeks to build a safe online community where each citizen is protected from online crimes. We think that security and welfare must exist online and offline in the modern world. The foundation's goal is to use information technology to advance social welfare. We want all of our citizens to become cyber warriors through it,

We understand that the current pattern of education is not completely evolved yet to counter the increasing cybercrimes, so people become easy victims irrespective of their qualifications. Therefore, we aim to empower

people through interactions and workshops in schools, colleges, and organizations, collaborations with police departments and NGOs, and sensitization drives. In addition, we work through a network of trained volunteers with knowledge and techniques to use technology for the greater good.

We hope our approach to the cyber world will help us in our prime mission - keeping you safe.

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