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Agribusiness is critical to the Indian economy, employing 52 percent of the total workforce. The agriculture sector is the driver of economic growth, yet there is still a lot of slippage because of inefficiencies and the unorganized nature of the Sector. In this Sector in India, procedures must be established and standardized. In addition, farmers face several challenges in the agriculture sector due to anomalies such as a lack of inputs, access to credit, and transportation.

The agriculture sector is a significant contributor to our economy. Although the agriculture industry has undergone considerable development, a lack of awareness is still the issue. However, unfortunately not all these farmers possess the required education and skillset.Farmers are the backbone of our economy. That is why we have developed programs to educate and spread awareness within farmers about multiple innovative agriculture techniques; we also help them do digital marketing of their produce. We host multiple seminars to educate farmers on the changing trends and the latest technology to upgrade their produce quality. We want to empower farmers by reducing poverty and strengthening processes at the grassroots level. Furthermore, we want to enable farmers to adapt to technological and methodological innovations. Thereby enhance their income realization by setting up a sound access benefit-sharing mechanism, thereby increasing farm/dairy productivity, facilitating credit linkage, and linking them to markets.

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